Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Players - TPC Sawgrass Golf - Tuesday the 5th

We enjoyed the Players Championship Golf Tournament on Tuesday, the first day of practice rounds, was a beautiful day, not too hot. A few light rain showers in the morning, but plenty of shelter areas. Ford and AA had been several years  in a row, taking one day to enjoy the excitement. First stop is the area that pros/coaches will give you a few tips on your swing. Our pro didn't have anything to say except, she obviously has a coach!

We must thank John Cassalas, as he gave us two benefactor tickets for Tuesday only, allowed us to get to better restrooms, the Clubhouse and the 17th Hole Clubhouse. It was nice to have them, but an inexpensive grounds ticket still gets you great views and nice amenities. We loved the upgraded tickets and went to the special areas as we knew we would probably never have this opportunity again!
Watching the pros - Bubba!
Great signage so you can keep up with your favorite players (this was a practice round day):
Above: Phil playing with Brendan and Keegan. Below - Rickie!!
The main communications center for the Golf Channel:
A couple of photos of my sweet family:
The autograph zone for kids:
Rickie Fowler walked by the first set of kids, and went to the center fence area, so AA did not get his autograph, he signed many but the kids crowd and push, so AA didn't try to get in the chaos. The officials made all the kids stand on the ground as a golfer came through, which put AA at a disadvantage, bigger kids were pushing and reaching over her, I yelled at Phil until he took her cap to sign. He would never had found it!
At the Hole 17 Club House, very nice, had lunch watching many players tee off at 17. Enjoyed BBQ pork sliders, shrimp tacos and a burger (Ford said it was cold, but our other food was delicious).
At the Sawgrass Clubhouse, enjoyed a glass of wine; we had been here once before, last Fall at AA's NFJG Annual Banquet:
Another shot of the kids zone for autographs, this was while they were waiting for another golfer to walk by.
The end result was three signatures: Phil, Bubba and Patrick Reed. We had a GRAND time! Hope to do it again each year! The way the TPC ended this year with the three-way tie, then sudden death hole was very exciting (watching from our TV!)!

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