Monday, August 11, 2014

Golfing and the End of Summer (too soon!)

It was a good weekend for golfing and the realization that school begins in a couple of days! The summer went by WAY TOO FAST! Really, we would love to have our little one off school until after Labor Day; I may need to find a local school with such a schedule!
First, we already posted about AA participating in the PGA Augusta Master's Drive Chip Putt contest, where she took first place. This allows her to go to a sub-regional contest and compete within central and north Florida winners. If she makes the cut there, then a regional is held in Georgia. It is a very unforgiving contest as only a total of nine balls are hit, no practicing on the actual greens, it's really a chance on how good you can play that given moment. I don't think I am explaining this well. However, we will head to Orlando once again!
Second, we made the decision to play in the Jacksonville Local Tour in order to have a chance at earning the Summer Championship title. The match was a struggle, as AA played very poorly the first five holes, four-putting and a few three putts (that's horrible for her, normally putts very well!). We can make excuses about being exhausted thus not much energy, but in golfing she needs to learn to rise to the challenge (too much to ask for a seven year old? Many kids do it!). After a short rain delay, she was back to her game and managed a win with pars on each remaining hole.
Lastly, one golfing championship we chose not to go to as AA was so far ahead in the points, she would win the Championship without attending, so we played in the local Jacksonville Tour (see "second" above) to keep her in first place there. With no fanfare, no photos, no high fives and cheers, AA will get her Orlando U. S. Kids Summer Championship Trophy in a very ordinary way.
Here's what was posted on Facebook by the Orlando U. S. Kids crew:

From me: AA won the Orlando Championship without playing the last Orlando tournament due to conflict with the Jacksonville Tour. Congrats to our sweet golfing girl!!
From Doug and Karen Smith: Girls 7 and under season end awards. Congratulations to our players who placed in the top 5 in points for the season. Not pictured is our Champion, Alyzabeth Morgan who had the honor points in this age division. Also not pictured is Samantha Chao who placed 5th in overall points.
From the Jacksonville Local Tour Windsor Parke: 08/10/2014:
 Ninth Hole and Scoring Table:
 Awards - First Place for AA!
 All smiles for the "7 and Under" girls:
We saw the boys six and under group: U.S. Kids World Boys Champion P. Dunham earned first place with a score of 29! Amazing young lad!

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