Sunday, August 10, 2014

Drive Chip Putt - Local Competition (Tallahassee)

08/09/2014: The local competitions have wound down for the Augusta Masters PGA "Drive Chip Putt" sponsored events. We thought we had missed them due to other competitions and vacations. We found the last one being held just north of Tallahassee (Killearn Country Club & Inn) so made the trip over, a very nice course, very hilly too.
AA did not have her best day, but did well enough to earn first place among the other girls in the 7 - 9 years old group. Next is the "sub-regional" in Orlando and if she places there, the regional is in Georgia. We aren't looking any further ahead but know our little girl can compete on any given day!
Waiting for AA's time for the "drive" event:

Getting the instructions:
She had two of the three drives go as far as she usually hits, no comment on the third drive!
She had two good putts; one ball at three different distances and again, two of three were almost perfect; nothing to say for the third one! Same with chipping, she had two great ones (the third one was not even close!).
Overall, in this type of contest, you have to earn the most points, which she did, so she gets to move on to the next step:
The three girls who will move on to the sub-regionals next weekend:
Photos for the Golf Course's web site:
The ribbons:

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Melissa said...

Way to go A!! How wonderful! My nephew was there too. Looking forward to your next step in this competition!