Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Playground Review - Moccasin Slough - Tuesday Around the World

First, a BIG Happy Birthday to my Mom! Hope she enjoys the day!

A new park review: We have reviewed many parks (our review criteria list) in the Jacksonville/Orange Park areas and really like this new one just south of the Doctor's Lake bridge off Highway 17.
Here's more information about the land trust - it is beautiful with 3,000 feet on the river; the river boardwalk has not been built yet.
The negatives to this playground is that it only has a port-a-potty; no permanent restrooms. One BIG negative.

Otherwise, it is a wonderful playground that will keep even some bigger kids happy. It is very high, so anyone smaller than AA would probably not be able to play. There are swings and a winding exercise/walk/bike path. We have been there three times now and each time have had a few other kids to play with and some fun parents too! I like the ones who are not "bench warmers"!
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Exercise stations along the walkway:

Great place to spend an hour. Let us know if any of you "locals" want to meet there someday!

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Maddy said...

Nice playground! But ditto on the porta potty situation - big negative. Hopefully, they will build a permanent restroom soon.