Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eating Our Way Through the Missouri Trip

We first arrived at Joan and Bill's home for a family meal of Mexican flavors and lots of good red wine. I snapped only a few photos at each meal; I guess I was too busy talking and eating!

Dinner at Bill and Joan's home:

At Mother-In-Law's (Grandpa and Nana to AA); Joy did her famous fried fish dinner with hush puppies, home fries, her homemade coleslaw and sliced tomatoes right from the garden! All Yummy! (AA is between her two cousins, both boys - yes, she loved the attention!):

We also ate at Wib's BBQ for lunch on our way to the St. Louis Cardinals game and loved their pork sandwiches. What a busy place, a local favorite. We went last year but was during the family's vacation. This year we ate there and no photos, so last year's will have to do!

Driving home, we stopped at a favorite BBQ joint in Kentucky; we love their sandwiches and always buy some of their bottled sauce:

Roadside picnic for lunch; all the State Welcome centers are very nice, we go by so many on this trip:

Next we tried a new (for us) BBQ (GA) and you could tell it was a local favorite; but we decided we prefer Starnes (KY) best.

We drive by the Plantation Store so many times and never stop; this time we did. Have you ever gone in this place and come out empty handed? I don't think anyone can!

You may notice that the two Goo-Goo candy wrappers are empty...... all gone!

It was a yummy trip!


Tina Michelle said...

I hope you had fun!

Jboo said...

This post is making me so hungry! :) Looks like so much fun! Visiting family is a blast!


Lisa~~ said...

Wish you had stopped in ATL, it would have been fun to meet up in person. The Plantation House is a fun place to stop, we've done it a couple of times on our way home from FL.

Vivian M said...

Ohhh I so have to stop in GA on our next trip down. Yum!