Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit

I posted last year after the Chinese New Year 2010 celebration about the Year of the Rabbit being next, 2011. You can read it here. There is so much information in the web about Chinese New Year that you can find anything you want to know very easily. Here's my 2009 CNY post.
This year we have expanded our CNY celebrations. AA will have one with her classmates, thanks to her Daddy (my sweetest hubby). They will explain CNY and give out some Chinese treats.

We found a Chinese/Asian market called Jax Oriental Market 10584 St Augustine Rd # 2, Jacksonville, FL 32257-3219 (904) 288-8288 . It seemed to have a very good variety of Chinese foods, canned, fresh, frozen. We purchased some of the treats for AA's school bags: several candies and sweet cookies, chocolate coins, chop sticks and fortune cookies. Ford sent away to Panda Express and received 25 discount coupons to use at the restaurants and several craft sheets to make copies of. We included a tangelo (like a tangerine/mandarin orange) from our tree too.

We will celebrate CNY in Maine on Saturday the 5th, then in Florida on the 12th.
And if you haven't been to this blog, Our Little Tongginator, you haven't been to one of the best blogs yet - so here's two links for Chinese New Year from there.

We all wish you a Happy New Year! (Gong Hey Fat Choy)!


China Dreams said...

It looks great-love the addition of the oranges. I ordered a kit of 12 for Aidan's class to share that comes with something to color, lanterns, gold coins, and red envelopes. Can't wait to see it. Enjoy your time in Maine-tons of snow for AA to jump in!


Tina Michelle said...

That looks pretty cool.

Adoption & Fire said...

we did this too! I need to post the pictures of ours. Catherine really liked handing them out to her friends at school and church.

Wendy @