Thursday, March 04, 2010

Chinese New Year 2011 - Year of the Rabbit

With the Year of the Tiger off to a great start, I was wondering what next year's Chinese Animal/Zodiac we would be celebrating. It is the Rabbit!
For some fun ideas and those Waiting Families, here's some ideas to plan ahead.

If you don't know your Chinese Zodiac sign, here's an easy pictorial of it:

Here's some links to get you thinking about crafts for next year!

Red Envelops and More at Kaboose!
Print your own Red Envelopes at Kai-Lan!
At Enchanted Learning there are lots of ideas!
DLTK Growing Together with coloring pages and crafts!
What to do each day of the 15-Day Celebration!
Resources for teachers!
First School Activities!
Chinese Hand Drum (make as Rabbit)!
Chinese New Year Blog;
And the best blog to get all your CNY ideas is "Our Little Tongginator" and CNY Books!


Laurie said...

Now that's planning ahead! I am a rabbit, myself! :-)

bbmomof2boys said...

What?! No, no....I can't plan that far ahead! Its not in my genes to be that organized.