Thursday, February 04, 2010

Family Visitors

DH's brother and wife visited this past week from Missouri.
It was great having them here with our three kids and all the grands (all three!). AA took to them, no shyness this time!
Somehow we didn't get a group picture, the evening had a *** slight** chaos feeling to it!!

Son with his Uncle...... a few games of friendly pool....

Daughter with Uncle holding his newest great-niece........

Son with Aunt.....

Great visit and a big thank you for all the gifts they brought!

1 comment:

Dita said...

Now THAT is one good lookin' family!

What a wonderful visit. I love "stopping" over to your place and getting to see all the love of family in your living room from near and far...feels like home!

Oh, and tell your daughter that she just glows. I wish I looked that good so soon after having my daughter!