Monday, February 08, 2010

Valentine Treats for School

This is our first year with AA in a two mornings per week pre-school, so Valentine's Day celebration at school will be a big deal. Cards for her school-mates, homemade sugar cookies to decorate at school and we decided to make individual gift bags for her class-mates.

These are so easy, I printed a folded bag label on regular paper (used a digital picture of AA and sized it down, pasted on PowerPoint slide with clip art hearts, made three per sheet of paper); purchased glitter silver and red heart stickers, tiny cellophane bags and candy. I copied the idea from Martha Stewart Valentine Day's Craft for Kids.

Only took pictures of final product..... missed photo opportunities while we were so intent making the fifteen bags. A glue stick and stickers is a smile maker for AA!


Wanda said...

These are adorable. I love that they are so personal.

Debz said...

Those are more ways than one.
Wish I was in her class!!!

why does it take so long for the comment box to come up on your blog I wonder.....hummmm. Anyone else have this problem?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These turned out so great!! I love what you did and I bet A had a blast with her little project:)

Hope she has a wonderful valentine's day celebration!


Suzie said...

Very cute - I bet AA loved making them and will enjoy passing them out even more!

Mom2Isabel said...

I saw these on Martha's site but love yours better!

: )

Dita said...

Now I am UBERimpressed! These came out really fantastic. I love that shot of AA with her shades on. It came out GREAT in B&W with the red hearts.

I love this idea. I only wish I had the energy to do them myself this year...however, with all the snow we have just had dumped on is actually closed until next Tuesday...clear past Valentine's Day!

Great job on these...AA's classmates are going to be very lucky. You make me want to go out and get pinking shears!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Vivian M said...

What a creative way to hand out sweet treats for Valentines Day! You did a great job!