Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rating The Playgrounds - Murray Hill

We are visiting playgrounds in our area and rating them on suitability for AA.
Searching for all playgrounds resulted in a Wikipedia listing of 379 just in Jacksonville (we live in a county south of JAX so plenty more there, too).
Many of these playgrounds listed are at public schools and community centers. BUT, Jacksonville does have many neighborhood parks and playgrounds.

Here's our first review: Murray Hill Playground:
We liked the location of this playground as it is near our favorite pizza joint (Moon River on Edgewood). We stop at playgrounds when we are out running errands in order to give AA a chance to do her favorite activities; sliding and swinging. We have her climb the stairs and ladders in order to exercise her legs. They are stronger but AA is still learning to use them better. She getting there! :)

This playground has a nice little multi-purpose play set along with a large swing area. The swings (bottom picture in background) are for big kids and adults; none are the kind that have leg openings and a back for toddlers ("bucket" type).
We look for playgrounds with this type of swing.

Even though we will still stop at this one (mmmm, pizza), it is not high on our list since AA can't swing. We have always found the park to be relatively clean and well kept. No trash strewn about or cans overflowing. Still, we could only rate the playground 2 stars out of a possible 5.

Only 378 parks to go :) If you have a favorite playground, please let us know!


Jboo said...

What a great idea to test out various playgrounds! That's gotta be so much fun for your little one!

Just read your mention of the St. John's River -- could that be near Jacksonville? My sister has a place on the river and lives in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Have a great day and check out more playgrounds!

Cora said...

How fun to be able to test out the local playgrounds. Right now out favorite playground is a large feild that the dogs can run unleashed in. We hope that changes this year!
Hope you find a good swinging playground for AA!

China Dreams said...

I always look up parks before road trips so that I know where they are/how far they are from our hotels. My favorite ever is in Staunton Virginia-don't know the name, but they have a lighted ball field, track, rec building, outdoor theater (I think the Oak Ridge Boys are from there and used to do benefit concerts yearly to raise funds for it).

Just for fun, I'm going to try to attach a picture for you of Murray Hill, New Hampshire, which is about five minutes from my home. We'll see if it works:

(It didn't work, so here is the address:


China Doll's Mommy said...

Hi There - I love your review of the playgrounds - great info. We are looking forward to meeting you - you're probably just down the street from us. Love your blog - BTW I Tagged you for the
4th folder, 4th picture. We'll see you at the CNY - are ya'll going? The Rizzo's will be there!

-Stephanie's Mommy (Gigi)

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

I love this post you guys.. We are always looking for great safe CLEAN parks to play in. There are hard to find sometimes so this is a great post. I see Gigi posted above me. i think we are finally going to have a chance to meet we will be attending the CNY celebration in Jax.. can't wait to meet you all and AA in person...

Vivian M said...

Why can't AA swing? Is it a sensory issue? Just curious.

I like the idea of people sharing reviews on parks. Have fun checking all the other ones out!

Femin Susan said...

Hello……. !
Very cute all these pictures... I go through all other blogs..Why not updated... may god bless you !

Dita said...

You two crack me up! Where to you find the TIME? You think of everything! Would it be at all possible for the two of you to adopt me? I cook and clean!

I loved the photos of AA with her new doll fantastic!

Have I mentioned lately that she gets more beautiful with every photo??

Shannon said...

Fun idea! Our favorite park so far is one in Mandarin just over the Julington Creek bridge. It has a small kid area, big kid area, and lots of swings (buckets too!). Of course the one in St. Augustine with the "horsies" is nice too, except that I can't get Kayla away from the merry-go-round long enough to enjoy the park. See you at CNY!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Our playgrounds are FREEZING and wet now :(.