Friday, May 23, 2008

Beer Lovers & Drinkers Rejoice...(taking a break from Adoption topics)

In honor of cousin H.T. coming for a visit this Friday (today!!!!), here's a post that is "Cheers" to you!!

Since we slowed discussing our beverage delights (do you remember all the posts we did on red wine???), I thought this topic would be fun as I have also delved into environmentally friendly, organic topics, all to help us change for the better!

I stumbled upon this blog about beer as it mentioned one of our favorites beers and it's made in Maine - Shipyard Ales. DH loves Thumper and I will drink anything not so dark, very "fresh" and "Wheatish/Ale" styled. I missed the chance to send in a few beer drinking pictures for their 2007 contest (actually I think this is mainly for "Brit's, but us USA people love to compete). Lots of chatter about organic brews. What is best for the environment, buying locally available goods or buying "organic" and flying it in from England or Australia.

Check out the "Beer Nut" with lots of links to beer swilling places in Europe. The Beer Activist joined in on the organic discussion and many others. Good reading (and drinking). Of course, I had to add a few beer resources from my home State of Maine, check this beer blog out.... Then take the test on Fine Living to see just what you know about beer. I scored 7 out of 10!

Now if I can just find those England beer swilling pictures of Hilary, DH and myself before the next contest comes and she enters ahead of me........



OH MY #6 said...

Oh my gosh! I love your zest for life! Enjoy your weekend.


Wendy said...

Now that looks much better than the two Keystones in our mailbox.

Jill W said...

My DH just spent last weekend at a Micro Brew Fest in Chilton, WI. He goes every year w/his old college roomies. He is partial to a rye brew. I like the door county cherry--a little lighter & fruity.

T.R. said...

I am officially de-lurking to say this post rocks! I love the beer blog. Thanks for the great links. Oh yeah, and I really like reading about your adoption journey:)

Christine said...

Thank heaven it is Friday!!! Beer time! I hope to crack one of those open by the end of the day! :) I have to say I like a good ice cold Corona with a lime. Not to adventurous. But DH loves an IPA...anything Dark.

Great post! We just might be celebrating in a month or two!!! :) Maybe you should take some new Beer Shots!!! tee hee

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This was a great post topic and great links! Up here the weather is just starting to get nice and we look forward to our cocktails outside on the patio. Last summer, each weekend we would pick a new summerish drink to try! It was loads of fun and we found some new favorites!

Have a great weekend!


Margaret Miracle said...

Living in Kentucky, I am missing my Louisiana spring favorites of crawfish and beer. Your post really got me thinking and my mouth watering!

Lili said...

MMMM BEER. I am not ashamed to say that BUD LITE is probaby my favorite beverage of all time. From time to time, I will try a golden or nice pale ale micro brew....the lighter the better.


The Beer Nut said...

Now there's a coincidence: I found your link to my blog just as Alan opens up the 2008 beer photo contest.

Have your entry in by December 14th, and good luck (I won a Shipyard t-shirt and hat last year -- go me!)