Friday, December 29, 2006

We are back home!

As you know the funeral for my Father was Tuesday, December 26th. Our co-workers were very generous and sent nine different floral arrangements to the funeral. Very nice, very humbling to see such support to our family.
Here are some pictures from our trip to Maine and our first day back to warm, sunny Florida.
Top: Cousin Hilary and Ford enjoying England Vacation memories through some English beer Hilary provided.
Middle: My sister Terri (farthest right) likes having "all girls" or "all guys" pictures. Here's the women on Christmas Day.
Bottom: Ford is taking this picture at a new Portland lunch place we "discovered"; Aly (me!), Matt, Melissa, Mother, Andrew.

Blogger is acting up so will add more pictures tomorrow!!


Connie said...

Welcome home...glad you had a safe journey.

Melissa said...

I Love OUR Family!! Thanks to you BOTH!!!!!! You are the VERY BEST of OUR Family!
All my Love,
Love, MC