Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Magnolia Point - U.S. Kids Jacksonville Spring Championship (Part 1)

AA won the U.S. Kids Jacksonville Spring Tour final tournament held at Magnolia Point Golf Club (GCS) with her best score (brag, brag) of one over par (37). She came in first place. She did not win the Championship Title for the season as she missed one tournament (the first in February) and did not place first over one other girl in the other tournaments (BS).
A friend who lives in the Golf Club neighborhood, rode along and took these photos. They are all amazing. We have several more, but this is enough to get the idea. He has professional equipment and loves taking photos of his son who is a championship high school swimmer. Thank you Ralph B.!

We love this one of daddy and daughter:
Her driver head cover named "Copper", one of her "pet dogs"!
We just love these photos from May 18th and it was such a perfect day with golfing fun and the win!
I am so far behind on my blogging (family photos and activities). AA played in the Harmony Orlando Tournament and placed second, met up with a DHS Alumni, we are enjoying the Club swimming pool, burgers at the Cabana, grill nights at the River House, our visit with Ralph and Sandy; and we enjoyed our Memorial Day Weekend fun. Summer is here (school is not out until June 4th!).  I will catch up soon!

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Melissa said...

Just love your blog and watching A blossom! So happy for all of you. Hope you enjoy your summer! Melissa Salko