Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Family at Maggie's Herb Farm - Mother's Day

Saturday, we enjoyed the day strolling amongst the plants, flowers and vendors. Popsicles, herbs, friends (Kenny and Pam) and family (Cathy, Werner, Marsha, Carl, plus the kids and grands). We selected our favorite plants and received some unexpected gifts! A great way to spend the day before Mother's Day!
Justin and his Mom:

Jesse and brother-in-law Justin:
Justin and daughter Kilee:
The girls following Leaa:
The girls having fun in the garden: Kilee loves picking up the littler ones!
Dylan, Kilee, Alivia and Alyzabeth:
Mimi with the little chicks all in a line, following her along:
Afterwards, we stopped at Mile Marker to have a special brew. Love this place!
Hope all Mom's enjoyed their Mother's Day!

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