Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Amelia Island Omni - Marsh Oak with Family - Bill and Joan

Another tournament completed, with a third place finish. AA did very below her average on the first four holes (boggeys!) and then scored par on the last five (5) holes.So the score was not her best, but as we all know, this is a very individual sport with much human inconsistencies!
A perfect weather day and AA's Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan joined in as spectators.
We had some rule "drama"; seems as the competition gets tougher, parents either learn the rules better in order to properly score and teach their children or there are those who know the rules and try to circumvent them when their child is having a little difficulty with one hole. Usually not pleasant as everyone is a rules marshal while playing; everyone has to be honest.
Our group usually discusses potential rule violations up front, talk about what to do next better, explain to them the rules. That's how the parents treated us when we first began and we were very ignorant of the rules and a bit naive! We extent that to those who are willing to learn. We don't report violations if the parents honestly didn't know how to play the ball or what the resulting consequences would be. So we continue to learn something new at each tournament.
Warming up:

Uncle Bill and Aunt Joan with goofy AA:
AA and Bryn trying to see the scores on Matt's phone (above) and the lovely young ladies in a group:
And here are the 7-Year old Boys being goofy:
Six and Under Boys (PD on left). A fun time for all!

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