Monday, March 24, 2014

Jekyll Island Georgia; U. S. Kids Golf Tournament - Regional

This will be a long post, with photos from AA's practice round and two competition rounds.

Here's some text from our Facebook page:

AA finished strong at the regional U. S. Kid's Tournament, with sixth place (which was last place due to a withdrawal after the first round). Her score for 18 holes (two nine hole competitions) was 81 (one birdie). It was her best at the longer yardage (1300 regionals vs. 1100 at the local tours). If she had that same score in the recent prior two regionals in 2014, she would have placed second in both. Also, at this Jekyll Island regional, for years 2010 - 2012: she would have placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd. So you can see the girls competition has been growing over just the past few years. We are proud of AA, as she keeps learning and getting better (okay she did leave four putts on the table, so to speak.....). Next up is the State of Florida U.S. Kids championship! Fore!

fm - many of the top guns are here. many players have brought their coach with them. practice round was like watching a golf clinic. unreal talent level...

Practice round with VB from Toronto, Canada and BS; a bit cool, but nice weather:
 We did have some waits as the course was crowded:
 The BIG gator:

 Friday evening dinner:
 The tournament field:
 First hole (Pine Lakes course) with MM and MM!
 Strike a pose!
 The scoring table on day one, AA shot a 40:
 Late lunch at the historic pier:

 At the Georgia Turtle rescue center (we visited last year), a great place to learn all about sea turtles!
 Day two with MM and BS:
 Final scores:
 This was from the Saturday night buffet dinner and fun time:
 Lots more lessons learned for kids and parents; I am still working on a separate post on that topic!

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