Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Diamond D Stables - Ranch Trail Ride

Happy New Year 2014!
For New Year's Eve Afternoon, we went for our first "real" horse riding session. AA has wanted to ride, and letting her ride a pony at the annual County Fair was not going to satisfy her again! We heard of Diamond D Stables through the County Fair and through our friend and hairdresser, Steve H. So the reservation was made and off we went. Daddy Ford came and took some photos, but did not ride. This was a fun time (a bit on the pricey side); not sure the frequency we will come in the future. AA loved petting the horse and now wants a lesson of course!
(all photos out of order; the end of the ride begins first:)

There were six riders plus our guide, Tonya:

Me with my iPhone, uploading a photo to Facebook:
Getting on our horses (JC and Captain):

Before getting on our horses:
Walking inside the barn (there are over 100 horse owned or boarded here):
AA was happy and looks forward to riding some more.
Last night we stayed close to home; Carolyn came for a visit and Ford made homemade chicken pot pie. CR watched AA (watched a movie CR gave AA for Christmas - Sea Biscuit) while we strolled over to the River House for a drink (ended up coming back as AA was crying from teeth pain and being exhausted). All was well this morning so we enjoyed homemade biscotti that CR made, I made a Black-eyed pea cold salad that was pretty good, CR helped AA make friendship bracelets, a fairly quiet day!

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