Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wrapping Up the Weekend - Sunday

On our trip back from Orlando, Hubby found a "Swing Box" for a good price on Craig's List. We connected with the Seller and drove to his home to pick it up (after AA's golf tournament). When we arrived, the Seller's wife came out and recognized Ford. Can you believe we were buying a golf item from our grown daughter's good friend from High School and college? Yep! Talisha is just as gorgeous and friendly as when we last saw her years ago. It was too funny!
AA is enjoying her new "toy"; we need to get moving and find a new home! Living in a condo with AA's stuff is getting CROWDED!!

We walked to the Orange Park Fall Festival on Sunday afternoon after a morning of getting everything unpacked from our past few days. We were all tired so rested and didn't get moving for church.
At the OP Festival, we took a quick look at all the craft booths, then we headed home. AA climbed through a fire truck, played on the play ground equipment and then we saw a truly "redneck" craft - a rake for a wine glass holder (no, we did not buy one!)!
By evening, I realized we had some apples that were getting "old"; so made some applesauce. Yummy!
Next up is Monday, the start of another great week!

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