Monday, October 14, 2013

Golfing Friend's Birthday Party - Saturday

Saturday was a great birthday party, with golfer friends and new friends, pizza and outdoor playing, plus the REPTILES! A very cool entertainment for everyone, kids and adults.
Reptile birthday cake:

Aiden was volunteered to help with the "show and tell" plus lots of touching!
Very entertaining, lots of stories about each animal; this one loved being rubbed, closed his eyes with pleasure!
Everyone could get involved if they wished:

 And they also held an alligator and took away a photo of the experience (above). Very double cool!

Happy Birthday to Aiden (his actual birthday is November 5th)! Now you know what AA wants at her next birthday party!!
And while mentioning birthdays - Happy, Happy Birthday to my sister Melissa! Happy day to you too!

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