Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Routine - Back to Golfing - Amelia Island Oak Marsh

We are back into our daily routine of "summer schooling", golfing, swimming and catching up with friends. I am back to work and we are sweltering through a few more months of Florida heat!
AA missed three golf tournaments so she most likely will not win the Player's trophy, all due to summer vacation and great competition! She understands so we continue to play so that she gets the experience. Due to her age, she will be in the seven and under group for another year, so many opportunities to enjoy golfing with her local peers. At the putting green before the tournament began:

Waiting at Hole #1 for Tee time:
Right after her first drive of the day:
Scoring after one of the holes:
Wonder what everyone was looking at?
Daddy and daughter:
Many hazards, Hole #8 was difficult with a stream crossing diagonally through the fairway, bunkers and ponds too! One water hazard was directly off the green so when AA chipped long, the ball rolled onto the fringe and into the water! Bad hole for most kids that day.
Last hole, shaking hands and glad we will be out of the heat and sun soon!
Results and medals: AA placed second:
Girls are animated talking to Director Matt:
Photo time!

Last photo of golfing family, Trey T.
Two more tournaments to conclude the "Summer Tour"!

Tomorrow is the first day of first grade class for AA; we met her teacher, Mrs. Woods and all seems fine for this school year. AA has some classmates she knows from last year and she seems excited to begin this year.
Now to find that perfect home in St. Augustine! We look forward to moving to our "final" home soon!

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