Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Swimming!

We finally found time yesterday to have some friends come swim at the pool; long overdue. Somehow each day gets so busy and we really want to spend time with our local friends. So this past Saturday we had fun in the pool with AA's golfing buddy Joe Forte. Not only is his Daddy the local U.S. Kids Golf Director, he also is married to our grown (Leaa) daughter's best friend, Katie.
AA had fun with Joe and we enjoyed our time with the Forte family.
Handsome Joe:

Lots of racing going on:

I had time with little Mattie, she's adorable and fearless!

We see this family every Kids Golf tournament, happy to have some pool time with them. We endured a rain shower during lunch, but then got back in the pool. When we get back from our summer vacation, will have to do this again!

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