Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally - Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure!

AA has begged to go see Harry Potter world at Universal's Island of Adventure. She begged a year ago. I said as soon as the hot weather is over (Summer 2012). Fall 2012 came and went and she begged (guilt set in a long time ago). She loves Harry Potter movies and books. She checks out the audio CD's to listen to the books in her quiet times. She has seen all the movies at least 29 times (yep, in those times when she has choice of electronic use - she wants to watch a Harry Potter movie). Remember her Harry Potter Lego obsession? Remember her Gryffindor scarf set from her sister? Finally, I had to pick a day we could at least see how extensive this theme park was. We haven't been to one in ages (unless you count Sea World a couple of years ago). We do not like these mega theme parks. So, knowing full well that the busiest time is over Easter/Spring Break, we went during that time. Absolute MOB scene! We are crazy. Since we were driving south to visit my In-Laws, it was an easy side trip to go for half a day, buy her a wand and get out. Fast. We did it in less than four hours. AA is happy; of course we had to promise to go again. (I have to keep my promises).
We drank pumpkin juice and butter beer. We survived!

Buying butter beer:
Happy girl!

It was a very cold morning (for us); low's in the 40's, then it warmed up to the 70's and very sunny; overall a great day!

Mobs of people!

We bought her a wand; she selected (or did the wand select her?) the Ginny Weasley wand. She wants class dress robes and an owl. Next time.
A very happy girl, skipping back to our car; ready to drive south to Okeechobee to visit with Nana and Grandpa! (love the L.L. Bean reflective triangle on her vest!)

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Jen said...

So jealous! I read and loved the Harry Potter series not so long ago. Wish I could go there!