Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Vanilla Cupcakes Part 2

AA and I baked a new vanilla cupcake recipe on Saturday. This recipe called for vegetable oil, baking soda and buttermilk where the one we baked last week had milk and butter and no baking soda.
This batch was spongy and no vanilla flavor. It was a great yellow cupcake but needed more flavoring (would be good to leave out the vanilla extract and use as a base batter and add lemon extract with lemon zest or some other flavoring). Last weeks cupcake was denser and much more flavorful.
So, I may make over last weeks recipe by including the baking soda and notching up the vanilla flavor even more with the vanilla bean infused sugar. After we perfect our vanilla cupcake onto a citrus one! It is yummy tasting cupcakes!

AA gets to measure and stir:

We used shamrock St. Patrick's Day green cupcake papers given to us by Nana:

 I really like the batter spoons - Scoop-It spoons sent to us from my Mom (Nana), they work great. AA needs some practice with them, but I like the feel of them and the spatula feature. Very handy!

On to more baking!

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