Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year FCFCC

The First Coast Families with Chinese Children organized and hosted another great Chinese New Year celebration. Overall, we had lots of fun, maybe because our four girls are getting older and we don't have to hawk them so much this time in the smaller room, they are more independent!
Aunt Carolyn keeping AA busy with crafts:

The three "oldest" girls watching the fun on the stage:
Kilee hamming it up with food in her mouth (really, Kilee..... you're getting too old for that!):
The decorations were just right!
The centerpiece was a paper lantern with a battery operated candle under/in it on top of a mirror:
Dylan joined the martial arts demonstration on the stage, she "posed" once she knew I was taking a picture:

Martial arts demonstration:

Jesse handling the dinner aftermath:
Dylan with Mommy Leaa, she loved her ice cream:
Waking up the lions (dragons):

Lots of music with the DJ and martial arts demonstration, really had the children up and moving:

Mom (Nana) with Grandson Justin:

The DJ leading the music and dancing fun:
 Visiting with the Reddick family; AA handing out Red Envelops to a few of the children:
Above: My China pearls and Chinese New Year earrings for the "ladies". Made by cousin Sarah in Colorado as a fund raiser for her son's cancer expenses.

 One of our prizes:
There were differences from the last three or four years: went to a smaller venue that held 350 people since the size had become smaller over the years (I am guessing, partly due to fewer new families home with children and the cost at the larger venue), smaller food selection, smaller craft table for the children, much fewer silent auction and raffle donations. Over all, it was just as much fun and all was good! The DJ was new but the sound system was not the best, we could barely hear the announcements and when calling out tables or prizes. The martial arts demonstration was a great success.
We had our annual family photo taken which so far in years past has been a great keepsake. We won several raffles, for different family members, including a child's back pack, white girls mirror, Cabbage Patch Doll, Family frame and Storytime yoga class. Pretty good! We look forward to this each year! Even with the differences, a great success and congratulations to the FCC Board.

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