Friday, September 28, 2012

Birthday Celebrations - Part 1

We really did alot more for AA's birthday than we have in the past. In the past, we had a small family party and that seemed just right for her. This year, she had a cake at school and the teacher made it quite festive as AA came home all excited about how many people wished her "Happy Birthday"! The evening of her birthday, dear hubby made an ice cream cake so we celebrated again and got lots more smiles from her. She opened her cards and couldn't stop talking about her party on Saturday and "presents"! She also had many phone calls from older sister and brother, plus from family far away. The excitement seemed to build this year, different from the past parties.

Lots of cards in the mail! All monetary gifts are deposited into her bank account for future college costs. Thank you for your legacy of this long term gift. She really doesn't understand about money so we are taking advantage of that by saving everything she is given.

Ice cream cake with chocolate and caramel sauce - Yummy!

We let her open one gift and she chose Aunt T and Uncle George's gift. A great craft idea, making paper. We will enjoy doing that soon! AA loves to color, paint and create; so we should have fun - thanks!
All smiles!!
Another post will be about the birthday bash on September 22nd, but am waiting on some photos. We actually hired a friend of daughter Leaa's to be photographer which helped immensely! Can't wait to see all the family groupings; she took at least a thousand photos. Maybe even a new photo for our blog header!
Also today is big sister, Leaa's birthday! We celebrated last week at that family birthday party but maybe she will have some more fun today!

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