Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Golf Tournament - U.S. Kids Golf Tour

These are in the reverse order, after the Golf Tournament was over, showing her 5th Place Medal. There were five players (Girls age 7 and under) and she finished fifth. Thank goodness U.S. Kids Golf give out five place prizes! It was a great learning experience for AA and her parents (us!).

The five players: ML (she won, from Australia), OI, OS, AC and AA on the end. AA played as well as the fourth place girl and she is over a year older. Someday AA will be the oldest girl in the group instead of the youngest!

AA setting up on the second hole:
AA, right after her first tee shot on hole #1:
Before the game began, with her Daddy "Caddy" and then a couple of family photos (thanks to Ford bringing the remote):

Ford and AA drove on Friday morning and stayed at the local Comfort Suites; played a practice round in the afternoon. I drove down on Saturday (after stopping to have a breakfast with cousin Carolyn and Pete at Peaches Cafe in Ormond Beach). The golf course is Solivia/Stonegate and we played the "Cypress" course for nine holes beginning at hole #1. We now have a list of things to bring, we learned alot from the other parents. Also, kids can be so mean without really meaning to; I was a bit surprised when one of the girls turned to AA (right after the scores were tabulated) and pointed at AA and told everyone in a loud voice that she was the girl in last place. We hadn't really thought it was something we needed to explain to AA as she knows what place she finished, just sounded so mean at the time! So glad the first tournament is over!


dawn said...

Congratulations to AA for participating in her first tournament, how amazing. I hope she had a whole lot of fun. She looks so professional.

Competitions are always a learning event. Some kidlets are nastier than others you just learn to stay away from them. Some parents are just that way too. I am always more appalled by the parents than the children.

Anonymous said...

Would you want your child's full name in your blog? I noticed all the other kids full name and wondered why?

Alyson and Ford said...

Ford Morgan: Actually, we do not have a problem but for a reason you either do not understand or simply was too lazy to do the homework.
Each of these young golfers names are published in newspapers following their tournaments. In addition, their names and scores are published publicly on the tournament websites and the national organizations which promote the local, regional and world events.
I get where you're coming from but before going all freak city - maybe take the time to understand we're already in the public eye weekly. Have Netflix? Well guess what? You'll see them and their names there as well...
One more little thing - you could drop the anonymous junk and show a little bone but then again it's not hard to understand you have to "protect" your privacy. Sure...