Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ramblings from November 2011

We are at the last NASCAR race today and as such I have put together a general post to catch up on some family news from November and included some pictures from the past few weeks.

We went to see and listen to our son-in-law's father play in his band, it was beach-side and a bit cool that evening. Grand Dylan wanted to hug her Grandpa while he was playing, she's so adorable!

AA debating about waking up; she would just as soon sit on our bed and cuddle on cool mornings, sipping her warmed chocolate soy milk (along with her trusty sidekick Elmo...)

We attended a birthday party for one of AA's school mates, which was for all three brothers in the family! AA saw her first pinata and even though it was broken open before she had a swing at it, she was wildly impressed and scored two handfuls of candy!! :)

The party was at a neighborhood playground so lots of running around and checking out the new toy backhoe. The family had lots of food, a large bouncy house and a hot dog stand - steamed cooked hotdogs with all the toppings!

The birthday boys (3) and parents:

We spent an afternoon at Nicole & Jordan's baking bread. Jordan, the future Daddy-to-be, was so good with the three girls. He baked cookies for them and was part of the singing and dancing entertainment!

Granddaughter Dylan looking a little guilty as she plays with the phone:

The finished bread:

We had one unpleasant event this month - one of our toilet tanks cracked, spilling water (clean, well water) all over the bathroom and the hallway which has wooden floors. Thankfully, it happened about an hour before we were up that morning so with a quick shut off of the source, and lots of towels, wet vacuuming by Hubby and lots of fans and blowers, all was dried. We survived! Just thinking of replacing all the flooring was making us sick, but after consulting with the pros, all is good. Whew!

Hope you are having a wonderful week preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday! We are so thankful for our family and friends!

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