Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sweet Datil

It's not that I ever doubted him but I still hesitated before biting into the pepper. From an outward appearance it looked very similar to a Habanero, almost too similar but (thankfully) the taste test confirmed it was a Sweet Datil pepper just as our son had promised :)

Some months back Justin gave me what he claimed to be a Sweet Datil pepper plant. A sweet Datil was new to me but as the resident pepper expert in the family, I took Justin at his word. Until that is, it came time for the taste test.
I confess eying the freshly picked, shiny red globe with a healthy bit of apprehension but apprehension quickly gave way to (relief) a flavorful, "sweet" treat.

Datil Peppers are native to this region but appear to be growing in popularity. In the event you haven't tasted a Datil - fear not, the taste is pleasantly unique and even the "Hot" Datil is nothing like the intense heat you find in a Habanero. It's an easy grower and as with most pepper plants, the bugs have a tendency to leave them alone.
Like I almost did :)

Thank you Justin...

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Lisa~~ said...

I would have had reservations biting into one of those too as we grow Habaneros and they do look the same. Any chance you are drying and saving the seeds? I have never seen Datil peppers but if they are good, and you're willing to share some seed, it would be appreciated as I'd love to give them a try in the garden next year.

Also, I have Habanero seed if your interested for next growing season.