Sunday, July 17, 2011

It Was A Bargain - A Value Purchase

That is ugly!
So said my wife as I proudly showed off my $15 treasure find. Do not leave that out in the kitchen for anyone to see, she half-scolded. Look at the chips!

And that was before I showed her the inside of the pot.

Nor did the French's Mustard color exactly strike DW's fancy.

I know it's not outwardly pretty (well, actually to me it is) but then I wasn't buying pretty. This baby has character as evidenced by its many bumps and bruises. This pot has known hard work. And I like to think I'm about to give it a fresh start in life. Maybe even a step-up so to speak. I see BREAD in this hunk of enameled cast iron's future. Artisan bread.
I admit to being swept up in the vision of a taller, more perfectly formed round mound of no-knead delight. Because seriously, how could anyone not fall for this magnificent 4-quart, gently used, vintage Copco Dutch Oven?

Ahhh, I can already smell the fresh bread.
Who knows, maybe in time it will not have to hide in the oven...


China Dreams said...

I loved it immediately! (the inside, not so much) Reminded me of the 1970s and my big sister's kitchen. I lost her in 2004 at the age of 54, which I think might put the two of you in the same age range. Maybe that color is just a late 60s/early 70s thing? She had cereal bowls in exactly that color and brick red pots and pans and bright salad bowls in a variety of shades. If that inspires you to make more shopping trips, I know you have her tastes. Can't wait to see the bread!


Johnny said...

I've found that soaking the inside of the pot with a bit of bleach might help clean it up somewhat.