Friday, June 17, 2011

The Sleep Over

Continuing from yesterday's blog post..... We are fortunate to have a cousin who lives locally in a beachfront condo. When she is out of town, she generously gave us permission to hang out at her condo and enjoy the pool and beach. It is like being on a mini vacation! We do feel quite spoiled!
This past weekend, Grand #2 slept over one night at the condo so we all got up early and enjoyed some beach time.
The girls running toward the surf (I tried to "artistically" capture their motion, they look so free running with so much wide open space):
Plenty of time to get sandy:
Walking back to the condo.....
Lots of fun!


Johnny said...

Nice luxury!

Brian and Ruth said...

Oh how I would LOVE to have this view and weather right about now! I think we've only had 7-8 days above 70 so far this year!!! UGH. Our weather is truly alzheimer-ish as it cannot remember which season it should be in.
Longing for summer warmth.

China Dreams said...

It certainly looks like a dream day.