Thursday, April 07, 2011

See Spot? See Spot Run

I have vague (very vague) memories of learning to read. Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot, as I recall, played a huge role in that development. I helped my oldest (Justin) learn to read using some of the same stories. I'm not certain you can even find a book today with this cast of characters unless you happen to be browsing at an antique store. Times do change.

We have a new budding reader in the family. At first I thought it was just a case of AA having memorized something Mom or myself had read to her but in fact, she is actually learning to read. I'm not saying she's picking up a book and blazing through the words but I am saying I can pick up any one of her books and she will make her way through most of the words. My first realization to what was happening was when Alyzabeth would excitedly discover Mom had left her a note on her white board. Alyson leaves notes for Alyzabeth most mornings before she heads out the door to work. When AA would see the new message she would run and get the board and bring it to me to read. Then a subtle change emerged, she started reading it to me, pausing on words she did not know. The pauses are growing less and less.

I know kids learn to read everyday and I'm trying not to go over the top here, I'm just excited for Alyzabeth. Excited to be witnessing this milestone. Both of the older kids love to read and it is just so great to sit and listen as the youngest begins to follow suit. What a wondrous world this opens up for her. New friends. New adventures. New dreams.

Wow. Baby girl is learning to read and I couldn't be happier even though Dora, Boots and Swiper have replaced my old friends Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot.
Run Spot Run!

Oh well, Harry, Ron and Hermione can't be far behind...


Lisa~~ said...

It's so wonderful watching our children learn and when they start to read it's very exciting. Congrats to AA that she is doing so well. If you are interested, send me your address as I have the entire Dick & Jane collection (reprinted and all in one book) which I would be happy to send to you for AA as Maisie is finished with it.

Dita said...

Ok I just went through TWO tissues on this post.
See Dita cry. Cry Dita cry.
Baby Girl is growing up way too fast for me!