Monday, August 30, 2010

New Bouncy House

Not exactly new; new to us.
We love Craig's List. We have found many items that we would not normally buy but can get it really "cheap" (and used) using Craig's List. It is the best on-line garage sale!
AA was very pleased when she saw it for the first time!
Set up was very easy..... (only down side is that these things are HEAVY! and we are OLD! The wheelbarrow has been our very good friend when needing to move heavy objects!).

It actually came with two blowers. This is the old one. The other is brand new - never been used!

First time spying it out the front door!

Looking at it up close.....


This one is open to the sky. No net ceiling but netting all around. The center wall is fun for kids to climb over. AA struggled with it some and will need to learn to work her legs better, I am sure she will get the hang of it.

Success!! Little does she know at this point that her Daddy negotiated with two sellers and ended up with two different bouncy houses.....but that is another story!!


Catherine said...

Your own bouncy house(s)?? So cool!! How much fun will your little sweetie have jumping around there?!

Another great part about Craig's List is that when you're done with something you can just post it again and reap part/all or even more of what you paid for it! Sweet!!

Happy bouncing and climbing AA!

Mel//Miss//Missy/Cobbie/MCHammer/MC said...

And I thought I was spoiled!
GO to it AA!!
Love Aunti M

China Dreams said...

She is a lucky little girl!

Kim said...

AA is going to have sooo much fun..

Dita said...

oh, you TWO have it BAD....REAL BAD! Not ONE bouncy house but two! Do me a favor, I've seen those babies suck in entire adults in one gulp...paleeezzz for the love of Pete....don't listen to its Song of the Ancient Mariner and take just one little hop in there....I beg of you

(but if he does,'d better get pictures because I'm gonna laugh my butt off!)

That's some find for the Princess (and all your grandprincesses too!)

Suzie said...

How fun!!! Yours might be the most popular house in the neighborhood!