Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Elusive Leotard!

Never will I ever go shopping for something unusual, unique or one time purchase without searching on line. I know this, so why did I not do it before AA and I journeyed out to buy a black leotard for her?
We went to Target (and had a Starbucks refreshment break), Belk, Sears, Dillards, Old Navy, The Children's Place...... No Leotards in black. Six Stores. Nada.

After so many stores, I was driving to the library and saw our old, faded Kmart.....and yes, we found one at Kmart of all places. And just so you know it was where we were supposed to find it, the name of the leotard dance-wear is "Just Imagine" (we bought the short sleeve version).

We made a quick stop at our local library to checkout a DVD; AA selected a Wiggles movie for this week.
We had time for a quick, but nice lunch at MoJo's Bar-B-Que in our neighborhood and I do like it, partly because kid's eat for free Monday - Thursday!

Now you know why I hate to shop!


Briana's Mom said...

It is definitely hard to find black leotards! I found a black one for Briana that I loved last year, but it is getting too small now. So I wanted to find another one like it this year but I couldn't find one anywhere! I finally decided to buy a printed one a Target.

Dita said...

I am still amazed at this story...for so many reasons!
I commented on FaceBook but it warrants commenting here...
You are a Prince Amongst Men, Ford!