Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Fun - Bridal Surprise

We are hosting a "Bride and Groom" get-together today for our sweet Nicole and fiance Jordan.
We were excited when they announced their engagement and they have had a very busy 10 months since then. With the wedding in early September, it is time to crank up the social calendar with those wonderful family parties and bridal showers.
I planned to print out some homemade invitations with their picture on it but decided to have some much prettier ones done and help a family's adoption fund raiser.

Check out the Perry family adoption journey and all the things they are offering to entice you to make a donation.
Her custom cards and photo invitations are wonderful.

I had two choices, both custom made. In the end we sent out the one with the engaged couples' photo.

The surprise is that we are having a group dance lesson to all learn the waltz. A little practice before the big day won't hurt! Family celebrations are times filled with fun!

*If you wish to read the Perry family's adoption story and help them fund their adoption, please check out these links:
ChipIn to donate!
Facebook page