Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day (and craft project)!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's, Daddy's, Father's, Grandfather's, Grandpa's, Papa's, Poppy's, Pappy's....... (and to our son-in-law and son - both great Daddies!!)

AA and I had some fun with a messy and sticky project. I found a little project that I thought AA would be able to do most of the work. Since DH likes to fish, we purchased a new fishing pole for him (which he picked out). So for a little surprise on Father's Day we decorated a tin pail with a fishing motif so that AA's Daddy can "tote" his fishing lures to and from the boat.
We used outdoor decoupage rather than the "instant" drying one in the directions. AA did a good job tearing the pieces of tissue that became the water.

First the layers of tissue, then waited over night to dry.

We added a picture of a boat cut from a fishing magazine (OK, I should have tried to find a photo of our boat.... this is close!); added AA's picture "sitting" in the boat. I went for a large face photo even though a smaller one of her sitting would have worked. We added fish pictures all around the pail.
On the opposite side, we added a message "Fish All Day" just as the project sheet suggests (or think up your own, my creativity is limited) and then added a picture of the three of us with the message "I Love You". The red printing is me holding AA's hand to write each letter, as we needed to fit it on the paper. She tried!

One more coat of decoupage and this is it! Next, we bought several fishing lures and bobbins to put in the pail. All done!

This morning, after the King Daddy opened his gift:

AA selected the pink shrimp lures.....

I think this tin pail could be transformed into other great theme gift ideas like a golfing theme so that balls and tees could be transported in or a gardening one with gloves and seeds.
Have a wonderful Father's Day (and please share your simple kids crafts with me)!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I LOVE it!

Happy Father's Day!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Ford is gonna love those PINK lures. Happy Father's Day!

Kim said...

Great idea..
and Great job AA..
Happy Father's Day Ford....

Lisa~~ said...

So fun, love it.

Catherine said...

What a great gift! Way to go AA! I'm sure daddy can't wait to go fishing and take his wonderful pail with him!

T n' W said...

I am totally stealing that for next year!! It is awesome!

Dita said...

Now, Miss Aly...I am THOROUGHLY impressed. I can't think of a more adorable idea that the kids can do themselves. I am going to try to have WonderBoy do this for his Daddy's upcoming birthday...but we might have to fill it with CANDY since my hubby has a real sweet tooth!

Ford has some wonderful girls in his house, doesn't he? I'll bet he swooned over this for hours!

Great photos, Aly. Thanks for the great idea!

3 Peanuts said...

What a GREAT project!