Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Date Nights!

My Mom has gifted us in many ways with her visit, not the least of which has been to keep AA while we slip off for some time alone, sort of a "date" night :)

Saturday night we went to a local (Fleming Island) Sports Bar to watch the beginning of the Florida Gators game. It was crowded - absolutely MOBBED!
We found a couple of seats in the bar area and within a few minutes was joined by others trying to find seats.
We were fortunate to have some very nice, friendly people join us, strangers at first but great football friends in only a few short minutes. Go Gators!! Bill and Yvonne have children and we quickly shared pictures. They were waiting for friends who eventually arrived. DH and I had put our names down for a booth and the hostess came to tell us one had become available, so we grabbed it allowing our "new friends" the extra room.

All in all, we enjoyed the time out with some crazy Gator football fans and with each other!

That was Saturday early evening.... Date Night #1.

Mom came through again on Sunday night.... Date Night #2!
We headed out to our favorite pizza place on Fleming Island only to find it was closed. That should let you know how often we go out :) So we drove a little further to our "other" favorite place.... it was closed too! Date night was fast becoming Road Trip! It has been a long time since we have been out on a Sunday evening and didn't realize that many businesses have reduced their hours.
The next stop was our favorite "non-pizza" place (even though they do have small personal, gourmet pizza's on their menu).
We had an enjoyable hour at Biscottis with their always friendly staff. I don't know how they keep these great people as we have always had the best service, relaxing atmosphere and great food (plus our red wine).

Thank You Elizabeth for keeping our glasses full!

Last photo below: The date-night Queen (me!) reading emails as Hubby gets the chariot ready for our drive home!
Thanks, Nana (my Mom) for keeping AA!! We had some welcomed, fantastic, relaxing fun!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

oh my gosh.. date night sounds like a lot of fun. I can't remember the last time the dh and I went out by ourselves. :0( Maddy loves grandma but my mom is more busy than we are taking care of my sisters kids and running around to all their events.
Looks/sounds like you all had a great time though.

Vivian M said...

I hope you continue date nights at least once a month!