Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rites of Passage

Flip The Phones

“Be sure to turn off all the lights when you leave,” he said, as I slowly turned away, convinced I hadn’t let him see my fear. About the only thing worse than Dad knowing I was scared would be if my brothers found out.

“Yes sir, I will."

Once flipped, any calls to Dad would now ring at the house. My brothers had always been the ones sent to flip the phones whenever dad had forgotten which didn’t happen that often. I had tagged along with one or the other but I had never gone alone.

This had to mean I was now considered old enough to do other jobs that went with the family business. Jobs that scared me a whole lot more than this but then I didn’t remember my brothers ever saying no. To my way of thinking, no wasn’t an option. That and the fact you did what Dad told you. Period.

Anyway, I didn’t want to think about the other jobs right now. I had enough to worry about.

It was already dark outside when I left the house. Winter was like that. Dark early. At least it wasn’t cold yet. I actually enjoyed walking along the familiar dim lit streets of my hometown. I knew most every house and most all of the people who lived there. By now, every one would have their lights on making it nearly impossible to not catch glimpses of them through their picture windows. I wondered if people walked by our house and saw us. I hadn’t thought about that before. It made me uncomfortable for reasons I couldn’t quite put together. Maybe that’s why Mrs. Deck always had her curtains closed.

Some were watching TV, others were having supper and a few seemed to be real busy but I couldn’t tell just exactly what it was they were busy doing. I slowed as I approached the Richmond house, watching and listening a bit more carefully in case they hadn’t brought Spot in for the night. That big Dalamation dog would sooner bite you than look at you. I made sure to stay on the sidewalk and get on by.

Dad must not have trusted me with the front door key. I imagine he was a bit hesitant about my ability to lock things up just right. I could understand that. Maybe he trusted my older brothers. I’d have to ask them about that when I got back or maybe not. The question could arouse suspicions. About me.

I would have to enter through the garage and the unbelievably tight squeeze up, over and between the two vehicles to make my way to the rear door. Then, cross the pitch-black room only to have to fumble around for the light switch. A switch I needed to find but didn’t want to turn on. It wasn’t the dark I was afraid of.

Finally, in what seem to take forever, my right hand found the light switch…



Anonymous said...

You are quite the story teller. Is there more to come as in a serial?? I hope so.

Catherine said...

You have me intrigued (sp??) What happened next?

日月神教-任我行 said...
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