Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Part II

We enjoyed a meal and visit with Don & Be tonight. Check out their post, so much more descriptive than we could have ever written (about the place we ate dinner, the music and the bar patrons!!).
So good to see how well their little JMei is doing! She's a bundle of energy! And so much taller than AA!

Here's the Happy Fathers'; also known as the "HomeDaddy's" (Don's words).

And here is all six of us:


Carol and Taylor said...

I love how AA has on cool shades, just like her dad.

Happy father's day to you all,

Kind regards,

Carol and taylor

Gail said...

Looks like a great time!
Happy (belated) Father's Day "Home Daddy"!

Dita said...

These pictures with D, B & JM are just GREAT! I love the ones with the two HomeDaddys and their little sun-kissed girls, too.

AA is just too cool for words with those sunglasses.....she cracks me up!

Two gorgeous families!

rubyiscoming said...

wonderful photos - so glad to see you all together :)

Catherine said...

Wow!! Can I tell you how it warms a girl's heart to see two great daddies with their little girls, whom they prayed for for so long, in their arms on Father's Day!! So happy for all of you!!