Sunday, May 03, 2009

Random Photos From the Week

I bought this cute outfit from Fly Away Home Clothes by Jennifer. It is a 3T and was trying it on AA. She has grown and is beginning to wear 2T clothes. I just couldn't wait, so wanted to see how close she is to wearing it. The shirt is too big and I had to hike the skirt up pretty high. We love the homemade skirt and Chinese Lantern on the shirt.
Off it went, back into the closet for a few more months!

These next two photos were taken by DH ("dada").
1. She likes to play with this winter scarf made by my Aunt. It seems to suit her!
2. Lounging on her chair (from Marsha - Grandmother to our Grand-Alivia) playing with a dish towel as her blanket. The chair was pink but replaced it with a denim LL Bean cover from Nana of the North.
More pictures everyday..... People are beginning to notice her growth... she's not my baby any more!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

AA is so cute in that scarf....adorable!! Before you know it she will be fitting into her new skirt outfit....they grow way too fast!!


Jen said...

i think the lantern set will fit by summer--they grow so fast! then again, you can always chuck it in the dryer lol :)


Gail said...

Love the outfit!
Catching up on your posts.
AA is so beautiful. Her smile is absolutely precious.
Love all her outfits.
Even her gardening outfit is beautiful!!!

p.s. she looks great in sunglasses!

amy said...

she is growing up but she is one beautiful little girl

OziMum said...

I LOVE the scarf photo!! She looks so grown up! Like a 20 year old in a tiny body!!!

Pug Mama said...

I think the outfit looks great!

Dita said...

Although I never tire of photos of AA, I can say that some just really take my breath away because I can see what she will look like as she's older. The one with the scarf just blew me away. She is such a beauty!

Billy and Maggie said...

Awww..she is adorable!

simply t said...

Could she get any cuter if she tried??? I don't think so. She's growing so fast & she's so beautiful. Her face always puts a smile on mine.