Monday, May 18, 2009

Playtime: With Daddy & Tea Time

Sunday morning before church........ AA loves to play with her Dada which makes it easy for me to take pictures.

Putting the bow/clippie back in.....

Falling on Dada, playing and hugs....

We all fall down...... time on the floor.....!!

Sunday afternoon, we both napped (Mommy not feeling well; while Dada was at the Grands' dance recital) and then watched a Barney VHS tape (we do have one VCR player left in the house!). It looked like rain but we braved it to the park and then dinner at a local Italian restaurant (I hadn't eaten any lunch and was out of energy!). A play date for just AA and Mommy!
We came back from dinner and played kitchen some more. AA wanted to make tea, so we served real hot mint tea to cap off the evening!
AA's surprised look when Dada appears with the camera!

Pinky extended.....

The cute white table is for outdoors with Adirondack furniture, but it fits well in our play kitchen area (gift from sister Leaa); the red chair is from Nana and I get to sit on the pink chair from her pink desk (it is the biggest "little" chair and I sort of fit on it; is from C&W).

Another weekend with AA's smiles, hugs and love!!

Just a note to get ready........ we have several bloggy friends that are so EXCITED; they have travel news and will be going to China soon - to heck with that piggy flu!!!
Follow along their journey; keep watching for the links on the right sidebar. Some leave next week and a few more in early June! We can't wait to see their forever family day! If you know someone leaving soon, please leave a comment.... I can feel the tears of joy in anticipation!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a WONDERFUL Day..
Love AA's adorable little smile..
Have a great week..
I am sooo ready to watch families become FOREVER Families..

Suzie said...

As always, beautiful photos of AA!

I'm so excited for some of the people traveling soon. I've been following so many blogs for so long and just love seeing all the new families being made.

Julie said...

I've been out of the loop on AA and WOW! She is just so stunning and her hair is LONG. So glad to read all is well with the family and that SAHD is keeping her hopping!

hiltonsheadeast said...

She gets more beautiful every time I have a minute to come and check in. She looks great, guys! She looks so calm, so happy and is blooming ...what a beauty. I hope we can meet up sometime soon!

Lori (in Lakeland)
Proud mom of Qiao for 5 months 4 days

Nina said...

Wow, AA is so gorgous!! I've been MIA for a while and behind on my blogs (a baby, a teenager, work and a doctoral program is just a wee bit too much - something's gotta give and it's been my computer time) and after being away for a couple of months, I am amazed at how grown up and even more beautiful AA is. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!!