Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Sooner - The Safer

We've just recently enrolled AA in the International water safety program known as ISR or Infant Swimming Resource. Her lessons will begin within the next few weeks.

ISR is not a learn to swim program per se. Borrowing from the organization:
Unlike other programs, ISR combines safe swimming lessons with self-rescue skills that teach your baby to survive in the water. Once your child has mastered self-rescue skills, then they are ready to learn how to enjoy the water safely and comfortably.

If you live on or near water, have a family pool or ever have reason to think you may be around water with your little one, PLEASE consider checking into a safety program such as ISR. Many local Y's have certified trainers offering the course along with numerous private instructors scattered throughout the country.

We encourage and sincerely hope you will use and SHARE the above link to learn more about ISR and to check for a program in your area.


Carol and Taylor said...

Taylor took the course at 2y2mo., and then last summer at 3y2mo. I can't rave enough about their course. I'm now looking for a group swim class for T for this summer.

This is the absolute best investment you can make.

Suzie said...

My best friend enrolled her 18 month old daughter in this class and it is amazing how quickly they learn to roll over and float.

Excellent idea!!

LaLa said...

Great idea...I have friends who are sooo afraid of their kids taking swim lessons/safety classes..I always say the only thing scarier than watching your child learn how to swim is having a child who can't swim...good for you!!

Don and Be said...

JMei begins "Safe Start" at the Y in June. She is already jumping off the side of the pool, going under and trying to float on her back with her "Swimmie" suit containing flotation devices in the design. 6 weeks/5 days a week/ 10 minutes a day - thankful that the Yis only 2 miles from the house.

Catherine said...

So important and I'm guessing AA will have a ton of fun too! Looking forward to seeing pics later.

Dita said...

Fantastic very important!

China Dreams said...

These comments are not on the subject, both for Alyson:

I met Travis Roy Friday-he spoke to the kids at our school in an assembly-he looks great despite his circumstances.

I also thought you might be interested in my husband's fledgling website about dirt track racing in the '50s and up. Although it is about NH tracks, you'll see some Maine drivers on the site, too. The address is: