Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New Bike Trailer

Craig's list is great!
We found this great bike trailer. It is wonderful and AA looks like a princess on parade in it! Dada and AA were kind to demonstrate to Mama what she misses out on while she works.

Climbing in.....

Slow to sit and buckle up! (pretty pink dress was sent to AA by her Auntie-M - Thanks!!).

We're off!

Cruising around the circle drive so Mama can take pictures: (little blurry - sorry, still learning)

I like having a chauffeur!

Slight Princess parade wave:

End of the ride... "Dada, hold these" (the sunglasses finally come off)!

Much fun!! Can't wait to take it to the beach!


bbmomof2boys said...

I've been looking one of those myself. But quick question - we are thinking about just getting the child seat that sits behind us. What made you guys decide on the bike trailer instead?

AA - you are one sweet little girl!


Alyson and Ford said...

A few of our reasons.

The trailer has great storage space behind the seat.
It accommodates two for those times AA has company :)
It provides protection against rain, cool or hot weather.
AA has ample space to bring Elmo and toys, as well as a place to hold her sippy cup.
And in the event I fall, the hope is AA will remain safe in her trailer :)
And the price was great!!!

For us, the trailer just seemed to be the way we wanted to go but we wouldn't say it's the only way :)

Melissa said...

What, no helmets for either child?(daddy that is)
Looks like Daddy was having just as much fun!
Love form gonna be in the 80's Maine today!

Jodee Leader said...

What a blast! Cute pictures!

Cora said...

What great fun! Love the princess wave!

Suzie said...

What a sweet ride (and rider)!! I love the princess wave :o)

amy said...

Love the pics!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

This is my first time visting and I just love your blog! What a beautiful family you have. AA is just precious too! Enjoyed visting your site. Have a blessed day. ~Robin

Carol and Taylor said...

Holy Moly, that's one sweet ride!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

AA is toooo CUTE..
Have a great week..

PIPO said...

Fit for a princess! Groovy :0)

Catherine said...

Sweet ride!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Almost like being there. Well, not really. But think the whole idea is great and glad AA likes it. Nana

kris said...

she is riding in STYLE! such a cutie!!

Ruth and Brian said...

Aren't these awesome!!! Yesterday we got one (hand me down from a close friend) and I put it on the bike to try it out for a test spin - Abigail would not let me take her out of it, she just kept chanting, "More, more, more, more..." I am so excited for ours and the sunny days ahead to be using it!

Also in regards to your first comment poster (BBMomof2boys) - the "car seat backpack" sort of contraption that you attach to the bike (in my opinion) makes the bike a bit more 'tipsy' and 'unsteady' as all the weight of seat and child is added onto the bike itself rather than the trailer which only affects the weight in a pulling motion - for what it's worth! We've only had the car seat backpack kind until now and I much prefer the trailer. And it makes it fun too if they have a friend (or small dog too).


RamblingMother said...

adorably cute. She has surely changed from China! wonderful progress.

k1 said...

I second Melissa.... no helmets??
Get AA used to wearing one now, while still in the trailer. It will be much easier to convince her to wear one when she gets to a tryke/bike.

And, the BEST way to convince AA to wear a helmet is if Baba and Mama do too!!!!

"MissMelissa" said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is just too adorable for words!! :)