Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last Weekend In Pictures

Just in case you are not keeping track like I am...... it has been seven months since having that screaming, very upset little baby-girl placed in my arms!! She is the love of our life! What a special life we have, to be parents of wonderful grown "kids" and little "grands"!! Plus a new little daughter to love!
Seven months! Happy Forever Family Monthly Anniversary to our travel buddies!!

Posting a few pictures from Saturday at the County Fair and Sunday Easter dinner out with family (yes, all 18 of us)!!

The Fairgrounds has an "Old Florida" area that we love: Bluegrass music, gardens, "cracker" homes, sugar cane pressing, blacksmith, home cooking of beans and smoke ham. Even free ice cream and collard greens with cornbread :) While not one of my favorites, DH and AA certainly enjoyed their servings.

DH always brings home some of the sugar cane syrup!

And we always take in all the Blue Ribbon winners!

We did goof on the picture front. We forgot to snap photos of the midway and the livestock :( but there was lots of time spent with Mommy!

Easter dinner at the Crab Shack (local fish camp)!

The four "older" kids; will need to get AA in on the siblings picture too!


Jboo said...

Oh my -- look at how she's grown and changed in only 7 months! She has really blossomed, hasn't she. You have such a lovely family!


cathy said...

How thoughtless! I'm thinking of her as a Granddaughter and forgetting that she is indeed a sibling. THIS will not happen again. What a perfect addition she makes to our family.

Dita said...

Aly, you have the most BEAUTIFUL family! I love all the happy faces. AA is stunning, as always!

Happy 7 Months, Mama!

a Tonggu Momma said...

It's so amazing to see how much she has blossomed in such a short amount of time.

And that butterfly quilt? The Tongginator would "(squeal) love it!!!!"

Catherine said...

My how time flies!! 7 wonderful months together....congrats!!

So many great pics of your weekend of fun. Thanks for sharing with us.

Don and Be said...

What a hoot!

Karin said...

It's been so great to follow along on your journey these past 7 months! Thank you for blogging!