Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I'm Famous! And Other Ramblings.....

I am catching up on blog readings and wanted to post a few items that caught my eye. So here's some miscellaneous "stuff" to share:

Waiting for a child is so frustrating. We know how hard it can be; the up and downs; the joy for others getting their referrals and the sadness knowing the wait continues. Our most hearty congratulations for those receiving referrals yesterday (through February 15, 2006) and now for those still waiting.... as their wait is now longer than ours was (only 30.5 months from LID). Please pray for these loving families who so look forward to having their child soon. Visit the Bison family who are celebrating 17 months since LID and their Journey to Isabella. And 3D's Adoption Journey celebrating 30 long months wait.

Rumor Queen is posting links to all the blogs with new referral. Comments are always welcome - let's congratulate these "soon to be" new parents! (check out Mike & Rhonda's surprise at Slow Boat to China).

These great people are next in line with February LID's. They are in the same boat we were in July 2008 - missing the cut off by two days or more (our extra month of frustration was due to the cut off date of 01/25/06).
Here's to their happiness next month!! Please send them lots of hugs!
Giorgia Danette, Ruby is Coming, Waiting for Lauren Elizabeth, Our Journey to Kaelie, Journey to Mei-Li, Elena, Waiting for Flora, PIPO known as The VaChina Monologues, Australia to China, Daisies, Doggies and Daddy, Looking East and West, Our Unforgotten Daughter (OK, they are March LID... hey, I wanted to include them..).
Still love reading Kris's blog, Tell Her This. We are anxiously awaiting good news for her referral.
Travel Approval is a happy time over at Journey to Kavanna's - Congrats! Also, at The Pelletier's Yearning for a Child and Waiting for Lily! Adding the Curewitz's at Wren's Story!! We love you guys!

Rebecca at "China, Baby" is raising money for her son, Owen's adoption. Lana handmade the jewelery she is raffling off. For a minimum of $3.00 you can have a chance to win the beautiful jewelery until 10/10/08.

Remember to check Robin's custom sewing shop daily for "SOS" specials. I love her clothes for our little girls and she is raising funds needed to bring her new daughter, Mia Hope, home. She made the dress in the fake magazine cover (above) - the dress was a gift from our Secret Buddy, Kim Bison.

A huge thank you to the BLOGGER of all bloggers - Seventh Diamond continues to amaze me with her charity work, her initiative to start things going where she sees the need. You can all support children and adoptions by visiting her many activities. Here's her latest one - I wish I had the energy to do the same; I had thought of it, but hadn't done anything. She DOES it, SHE MAKES it happen! Check out her new church adoption support group. Here's her words about the new adoption ministry:
We are trying to put together a very firm foundation for our group and good goals that are attainable and a timeline for when we would like to have certain projects ready to launch. We are building a list of adoptive families and are hoping that we can encourage our church to see the need for this ministry.

If any of you have started a group at your church, I would be very interested to see how you did it. Any advice would be cherished. You can e-mail me at timnkim@ We have Shaohannah's Hope info. Please pray for us.

China Travel Tips: We used everyone's list for packing, pre-referral tasks, travel hints, etc... I did learn two things that I would do differently... One very small detail (maybe it was on someone's list; I just missed it) and one BIG detail:
Small goof - didn't bring extra luggage tags for suitcase we bought in China (I know, small detail but worth bringing from home);
BIG Goof - Booking an international flight out of your last China city stop (usually GZ - other wise you suffer through another "in China" flight with baggage limitations). Insist on an international flight (meaning you leave for another country, not for a Chinese city like Beijing as we did).

The fake magazine cover picture is an idea from Journey to Gianna. Love the famous look to it - just what I want to make my daughter feel special! Modeling future?

Our days continue to get better. We were brave and went to our favorite pizza joint last night and met with good friend, Pam D. and local FCC family Laureen B. and daughter Izzy! How cool to see our two daughters together. Hoping for many play dates with them in the future.

One last musing; our memories are fading (just like birthing pains?) of the big China trip, but walking around in the flooded streets of GZ was something I first thought was a joke until our CCAI representative said we would be making our medical appointment.... here's the proof in case you missed it the first time around... the local newspaper caught us "foreigners" out in the streets.

This is my first "real" post; "post-China trip". I hope to be back in the swing of daily life while teaching, playing and loving my new daughter. Huge thanks to Nana Ann (my Mom, extraordinaire!) who is keeping our household together. I would recommend to everyone to have a close family member stay with you the first week home. She has been invaluable and it gives AA a chance to bond with Grandmother. Win-Win!!

I just had to add two more pictures from last night..... She's getting to be a ham and loves playing with Nana too!

Love to all, thank you for the comments; your support and love is a blessing to us! Imagine us with Alyzabeth An.... as Johnny stated... All our dreams came true!


Anonymous said...

Love the "magazine"!...Alyzabeth is already a cover girl!!!

Billy and Maggie said...

Awwwww..Alyson you are so sweet! Thank you for your comments on my blog. It's really good to read validation for some of these dreadful feelings us waiting parents must sometimes endure.

I love that magazine cover and yes you do have a model in the making!

Did you get a translation of the newspaper article? You poor people! I dont know how I would have held up in that mess lol. Thank you for mentioning us in your blog.

Looking forward to more pictures of your little princess..God bless her and again another heartfelt congratulations, much happiness to you and your family!

Briana's Mom said...

Love your adorable cover girl! There is definitely an excitement in the air with so many people getting referrals soon!

Anonymous said...

I have been devouring your blog being that we have upped our age request to 'up to 24 months'
she is lovely!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Alyzabeth An is sooo beautiful..
Her jammie's fit.. love it.. and I see that her little doll is laying there.. I sooo hope she enjoys it..
She looks soooo cute in her little Asian dress..
I am so honored to have got to know you on this amazing journey..
You are such Wonderful and caring family..
Give AA a hug and kiss from Kim ..
Have a Wonderful Week.
Can't wait for all of the fun to begin..

rubyiscoming said...

Aly, you are amazing :)

Thanks for the beautiful post and for the "shout out" to all of us still waiting.

It is so heartwarming to see you all settled back in Jacksonville.


PIPO said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt post. Thanks for the nod to those of us yet awaiting our dreams.

The mag cover is an adorable idea. I'll have to remember that one for my own little star.

When you get a spare moment, please drop me a line and let me know how you feel about your Flip. Would you recommend it? I am assuming it is what you used for you China videos (that everyone LOVED) but let me know. Looks like I will soon have someone lovely to take video of so I want to get on the hunt. Thanks much.

Shane & Irma said...

This are nice pictures of gramma and the baby.. Nice jammies also.

Glad that you are starting to have time to catch up to the blog.

Have a great week!

Kayce said...

I'm just now catching up on my blogs...WELCOME HOME! You guys look like you're settling in just fine!

redmaryjanes said...

You know I love you guys! Thank you for your kind words. It does my heart so much good to Alyzabeth home.

cougchick said...

Looks like you've been busy since returning from China. I hope Alyzabeth is transitioning easily.

Cora said...

The magazine cover is so cute. It has been wonderful to be able to follow your journey. Thank you for sharing it means so much.

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Adorable magazine! And congrats on making the GZ paper!

Nina said...

Love the magazine! Thanks for the updates and the tips... It has been very moving and fun and meaningful to watch you go from waiting for your referral... to finally seeing your beloved daughter, and going to China... Thanks for sharing this new part of your journey. Great to see AA so happy!

Hope you'll get some sleep, soon :)

Sammi said...

Life is good! AA is looking great. She seems to be settling in just fine. It's so funny how we in the adoption world so depend on RQ for the smallest glimmers of hope. I still visit weekly...after more than a year of being home.


Elisa. said...

I love that magazine cover idea...looks really great!

Karen said...

Hi Alyson and Ford! Welcome home! I loved following your Journey to Miss Alyzabeth ~ she is so georgeous! She looks more relaxed every single day!

Thanks for the plug and link on your blog! I can't believe that WE"RE NEXT! Hooray!

PS: My mom and I are going to be flying out of Jax, I think, much easier to negiotate than Atlanta (hopefully!).

Melissa said...

YEA Mom! YEA Nana!!! I am very jealous!!!
Have fun & get down onthe floor, that is so much fun!
Love Mel
However I di get down once yesterday w/"B" and played inbetween moving!
Will see him Sunday for his 21nd b-day party & will take loads of pictures!

Dawn said...

Alyzabeth is such a beautiful Cover Girl!!