Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help Those Helping Others

Seventh Diamond has several new good works in place. She has always supported the Starfish Children's Services Charity by raising money for orphan's surgeries. Starfish also is celebrating November is Adoption Month buy selling a new Starfish bracelet. One of these bracelets has been donated to the auction at One Child At A Time.

The baby shower is for Coby, soon to be home with Lala at Ladybugs and Dragonflies. They have a separate blog for Coby that you will need to ask for a password to see it and join in with their joy.
Please check out the Baby Shower on October 25th and new Auction at One Child At A Time.

Reminder to support Baby Be Blessed where handmade dolls are gorgeous - Alyzabeth's came from here as a gift from SP Kim B. (the doll with the pink and brown dress) - so adorable!!

And I was the winner of a Halloween Hair Barrette made by Lisa at Sweet and Spicey Designs.
Please support the great work these families do to earn funds for children. Buying homemade is wonderful so visit the Etsy shop of your preference too (Bibs, Hair Bow Holders, Bizzie Bags, Glass Tiles, Charms, Jewelry or search on the description for your next purchase)! Miao's Cottage is ready for travel or already in China.... If you want to cehck out some cute clothes for your favorite little girl see her designs. As always I LOVE and HEART this lady's designs!!

For those of you traveling soon and can't get in enough reading and preparation (I am smiling!!), here's a link to some more articles on adoption traveling. From the Adoptive Familes E-Magazine.

That's my round the bloggy world news for today! More video's of AA to come soon! We are keeping up with new photos and video's daily (when does this slow down?).
Alyzabeth is up from bed and ready to eat breakfast. Did I ever say how much this girl can eat????


redmaryjanes said...

Thank you my dear friends!! You guys are the coolest by far :)
Please hug little Alyzabeth for us!

Nina said...

Thanks so much for all these helpful and important links!!

Can't wait to see more footage of AA :)

Michaela said...

Thank you for sharing this information. The clothes @ lady's designs are beautiful!
Best wishes from Orlando,

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Thanks for the sites..
There are some really cute ones..
Hugs ..
Have a Great Weekend..