Monday, September 01, 2008

Short Break in the Action

I know there are not exactly a ton of NASCAR followers that also follow the adoption blogs but I happen to be one. Long story made short, my dad loved racing and I drafted along with him. It gave me (us) something to share and talk about. And I grew to love the sport.

Also, I'm more anxious than usual this week as we are hoping to hear from our agency that we have our CA's (Consulate Appointments). And following that, we'll be getting our travel schedule! So, I am plainly doing my best to reduce my stress level by immersing myself with a NASCAR diversion!

If you have read our blog from years ago (some posts MIA from when we swapped around a few times from Typepad back to Blogger), you may recall that I am/was a die-hard Ricky Craven fan. Yes, member of his fan club too. Following his retirement from racing I began cheering more earnestly for my next favorite driver - Jeff Gordon. There's a connection between Ricky and Jeff (long story..).
BUT, wait, over five years ago, Carl Edwards came to our rescue (he actually wins races) and he is from my DH's home State of Missouri. I LOVE NASCAR races and beg every weekend to go on a road trip to see one. We haven't been to a race this year yet. (Hint - Hint to you know who!)

So here's the news we're (more like I) reading to feed the habit!!
(can you tell this is Alyson writing? DH, fm, is all about the love and sentiments for our new daughter.... now you can understand why it's probably best he is going to be the SAHD :)

Carl Edwards and Kyle Busch - A Rivalry??
Carl & Kyle - On Probation

And to satisfy my RC fix - Here's his latest article on Yahoo!


sea star said...

Can not stand the Busch boys. Don't like Gordon either, like him off the track, just not on it. My son is a huge Ryan Newman fan and the dh is a huge Jr. fan. I fall somewhere in between. I just watch to hear them talk and hold their sponsors drink up. My favorite all time quote, "Well, the Domino Pizza, Best Western, Napa Auto Part Chevrolet had a good day." *snort* I laugh every time!

T n' W said...

Oh man, what an ending that was. DH fell asleep in the chair and missed it. We call Carl smiley around here. He just seems like one of them good ol' boys.

Kayce said...

Too funny you posted this...I just got back from my bff's who lives near CA speedway. Last night we sat outside and listened to the roar of the track. And of course the city was abuzz with the race fans!

OziMum said...

Thats so uncanny! We get a bit of Nascar footage here, on the weekends, and Todd ALWAYS watches it. And seeing Kyle Busch on your blog freaks me out - I remember seeing that guys name (I don't stick around for the entire race, but I think he was leading at the time) and I thought - geez, I wonder if he's related to the President! (that was before I saw how it was spelt!)

So there you go... we could've been watching the same race?!!! But don't go asking me too much about it, I wasn't paying that much attention... cars go round and round...

Special K said...

I'm a an adoptive mom who happens to be a NASCAR fan. Glad to meet another!

Hope you get your CA soon!

FinsUp said...

HUGE Jimmie fan here... and creating a little Jimmie fan in the process. She sees him on tv and yells "Jimmie JOHNSTON!" (Close enough.) She named our car "Jimmie Car".