Thursday, July 10, 2008

Referral Day Final Count Down! (?) 29 Days!

Light at the end of the tunnel

Could this really be our proverbial LIGHT at the end of the tunnel?!?!? Quick somebody pinch us because we only have two REFERRAL DAYS remaining and I'm projecting 29 days until it happens!

DH has been posting monthly the "Count Down Calendar" after each referral batch lands in the good 'ole USA. The referral is the official package that our agency, CCAI, will receive from CCAA on our behalf with information about Alyzabeth An. It will contain her Chinese name, her age, where she is living, her medical condition, pictures and any other information the orphanage or foster family provides.

The referrals from China this month (July 2008) contained adoption papers for those with log in dates (LID) of January 21st through January 25, 2006.
We are just two days away from seeing the papers on our new daughter!
So I am beginning the DAILY countdown. I deserve it, right?

With two grown children and two grands, we have been anxiously awaiting the big "Forever Family" day for three years! I can't wait to complete my family - for many years (when I was a lot younger and before DH) I always said I wanted three kids; you know, the answer you always gave when someone asked you how many kids you would like in your family when you got married........ Well, I began my family with 2 and here's to Number #3! Coming in August!

The countdown number of days was determined using Dave's (Wren's Story) Referral Estimator (the original) and Rumor Queen's referral data predictions. I used the two worst number of days between referrals (32 and 38 days, averaged together is 35 days) and the date of July 7, 2008 as the official date referrals were received in USA for the "July" batch. The best guess from the data available shows we should expect our referral on August 11th. That's a Monday.

Now, there is one fly in the soup... (or is that fly in the ointment?).... The Olympics. How can the beginning of the Olympics affect the matching, processing and sending of the papers? With the Olympics opening ceremony on August 8th (a Friday), I would expect that government workers will be sent to a special Olympic assignment a few days before the 8th. So I could say this is a special month and the referrals will be sent out sooner than expected (back to the 32 day interval). Would there still be workers available during the Olympics to assist the agencies with questions and appointments? I don't have a clue.... So I will adjust my expectation in a positive way by guessing that the referrals will actually arrive in USA on the 8th (32 days from June's referral arrivals). Since I am an eternal optimist (hahaha :), I am beginning our countdown with the expectation of seeing our daughter's picture on the 8th.

Olympics impact to the process? We will never know I am sure. So this is my best guess.

After three years, delays are just part of the emotional roller coaster ride and at this point, punch our ticket, we're riding to the end! We have been told that once you have the referral, have the travel authorization, book the airline flight tickets and travel to CHINA!!!, the waiting aggravation is all gone.... no lingering doubts, no lingering queasy stomachs from the roller coaster ride. Boy, are we ready for the motion sickness to stop (or is that morning sickness :)

29 days left until August 8th.... the RACE TO REFERRAL DAY!! I guess we can finally say: The Referral Day Final Countdown officially starts NOW!
(& an itty bitty bit from fm) :)


OH MY #6 said...

YOu not only deserve a day but I do believe an hour by hour would be most exceptional!

I would love to read the Alyson & Ford story. You know your history as a couple and your decision around adoption. As I think after the 29-day point you will be to darn busy to do it.

Have a good Thursday.


Catherine said... cool to be counting down in DAYS!!! Praying it happens before you know it!

Anonymous said...

I love the "light at the end of the tunnel" pic. Also, call me the eternal optimist, but I'm hoping that the CCAA will ship out referrals on Fri August 1st, which means we should be getting our calls on the following Mon/Tue (4th & 5th).

Hang in there for just a few more weeks,
- Dave 1/26/06

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am counting with you...
I am soooo excited..
Have a Great Week..

Julie said...

Alyzabeth is within reach. You've been so patient and you are almost there! Wooohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amy said...

Bless your hearts, I love your posts and can not wait for that referral one!

Ruth & Brian said...

Ditto on your post!!! And I'm with Dave (anonymous) in that I think they'll be mailed on the 1st arriving sometime the 4th or 5th. ~ A girl can wish right?

redmaryjanes said...

I came in to see what's going on and if there is any news. Hang in there!!!

Project Ni Hao said...

Having a DAY for a target is an awesome thing. Happy counting down!

Melinda said...

I am so excited about seeing our little ones faces in a few weeks!!!
And I am so excited that we will get to share this whole beautiful experience with you both when our time finally arrives to go get our precious girls. DH seems to think that we will get our referral August 5th, mainly because that is our son's
14th birthday! Whenever it arrives it's not soon enough for me, I can't wait!!! We are counting down the days with you!

Melinda and Brian
waiting for Savannah

Vivian M said...

We are so thrilled, and reliving our own adoption experience somewhat through yours. It's wonderful and exciting, and I am looking forward to your referral post. I will be opening up a bottle of champagne on that day!

Georgia said...

Count away! We're counting it down with you!!

This wait can make you crazy, but you guys have remained sane and kind the whole way through.

Enjoy your last month. Live it up! Celebrate the whole time!

Cora said...

You are so close!! This month will fly by and you will be seeing her picture soon! Best wishes!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Counting down in days!!!!!! There is something so peaceful to know - for sure - that you are NEXT! Get cracking on that to-do list.

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

It just HAS to happen next month! At least you might not have to pay "olympic prices" for your flights! Hopefully... Lucy

Kath said...

I had so hoped you two would have been included in this last batch. Crossing my fingers and toes for next month -it has to be!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are next!!! How exciting....I would be living it up this month because you two are going to be very busy once you get that phone call!!


Joannah said...

Your life is about to change so much! I hope you find this anticipation just delicious. Enjoy!

Don and Be said...

We're hangin' in there with you .... in Beijing. We have 3 more days till Joanna Mei ..... we are beyond jazzed.
Love you 2,

BTW - Great to hear your voices while on the North Shore of Oahu!

Anonymous said...

I'm very exicting for you both. Since we are getting close(LID 2/17/06)I can feel your excitment and concern that something will come up to slow the process. I keep thinking that it is all in God's timing and we have to trust Him. Everyone that I speak to that has gone through this has told me that you will end up with the one He meant for you to have. I just love how He does that!

Praying for you both!
Terri McClintock