Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tagged! Three Word Sunday!!

We have been tagged to write our six word memoir by "Half Gaelic, Half Garlic" over at "The Long Road to China".

We remember posting about the book, Not Quite What I Was Expecting, a while back but we didn't (or couldn't) write a six word memoir, it seems our creative juices were lacking at the time. So we gave it a try and here is our collaborative effort for a six word memoir:
Our Faith, Our Family, So Blessed.

If you're up to the challenge (and fun), here are the rules........ you need to describe your life in 6 words, link back to me, and then tag another 5 people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged. It really is fun. And with that, we tag:

Our LID "Twins" - Ruth & Brian - Abigail... Our Journey of Hope.

Lea at "Oh My #6!" has been a warrior commenter on our blog - we love reading her comments!

"Our Little Tongginator" has already been tagged, so check out all her efforts at summing up life with six words!

Nina & David are on the "Journey to Kavanna" - they are next right after us!

And for number 5 - Marsha at "Yo Muthers Blog". Marsha actually bought the book and shared its unique literary challenge with others through her work.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Great 6 is also your 3 words!

Enjoy your Sunday!


OH MY #6 said...

I am on it and will give it some thought over the day. I love this, thank you!


PIPO said...

PERFECT 6 words...sums it all right up.

kris said...

You 2 took the cake on the perfect 6 words, that is challenging!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

GREAT 6 words...
LOVE it and your 3 words Sunday..
YOu are both sooo creative..
I need to do mine.. I was also tagged on this..I will let you know..
Have a Great Day...
Looks like we might see referrals next week.. Let's hope we see Alyzabeth An.....I am sooo excited..

Ellen said...

Thinking of you as rumors of a potential stork sighting circulate......

Daniella said...

Great words - I'm going to be stalking your blog all week!

Briana's Mom said...

Love it! So perfect!

Lisa writes... said...

I think the six word summary is one of my favorite memes! Only six words was certainly a challenge for someone as unused to brevity as me...but I love yours!

Oh yeah, thanks for your visit and comment at my site!


kris said...

Totally OT, but thought of this when i first read your comment on my blog about Uncle Jay-B and Aunt Karen-

I think we should totally start a blog called "Salty Boob". Just cuz it cracks me up to say that out loud.

tracy r said...

Great six words, but I was really stopping by to offer some calming thoughts for you as you wait for your dream to come true (at least I think it will!!) this week.
Tracy R.

m said...

Crossing all my fingers and toes for you.


Ruth & Brian said...

Game on!

I wanted so badly to "borrow" your 6 words but I think that would be against the rules, so...

Impatiently Waiting,

OH MY #6 said...

hey friends,

Did my tag. thank you for including me. Good therapy!


Vivian M said...

Those six words are great! Hanging in there with you waiting....

AZMom said...

Great 6 words...hmmm...not sure I can be so creative on a Monday! LOL

Oh ya, you asked about house rules:

1. Listen and do what you are asked the first time.
2. Be respectful of your family and friends
3. Use nice words
4. Do not talk back
5. No hitting, screaming, kicking, crying otherwise known as a tantrum
6. Do not throw toys or other items at anyone or anything

And I wish I had all the answers. It is completely trial and error in this house :) Thanks for the compliment though!