Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your Favorite Champagne?

We want to know your favorite champagne, please leave your comments on your favorite champagne!!

We mentioned that some Sundays are "Champagne Sunday's". We used to save champagne for very special events, then decided "What are we waiting for?". In other words, why postpone celebrating when a good bottle of champagne does not need to be expensive.

Domaine Carneros Champagne & Sparkling Wine "Brut", a California champagne was recommended by Joannah at "All Things New". Here's a review of it. We have not tried it yet.

We do love very dry champagnes (Brut's) especially Spanish ones, here's an editorial on the Cava's (introduced to us by good friends L&C back in 1985). We usually buy this Cava as we can still find it for under $9.00 per bottle. It doesn't have a strong citrus or lemon or buttery flavor but it is still yummy to us (plus we usually mix it with orange juice for mimosa's).
Have you tried this one - Naveran Dama Cava?

I just celebrated a significant birthday (one of those with the "zero" on the end) so wanted to share a great champagne with family and friends (no plans yet as we thought our China trip would be about that time - who were we kidding???). So now I need to plan a family party close to home.... any ideas? I think it will be in St.Augustine.

Would you please leave a comment as to what your favorite "Sunday" champagne is and maybe your champagne "splurge" favorite is?
Better yet, email or call us and we will share a glass with you; come for a visit!


Johnny said...

We've been partial to proseco, which is Italian champagne. Reasonably priced and just nice to have with dinner.

Michelle said...

I love the sweeter champagnes, so we always end up with a dessert champagne. Our current fave is from a local winery, Thornton in Temecula, CA. I love their "Almondage". I could drink the whole bottle myself. Yum.

Vivian M said...

Unfortunately, my favorite champagne is a bit on the pricey side: Dom Perignon. I think it runs around $200 a bottle, and the last time I had some was at my wedding.
On the other hand, I make a wicked sparkling sangria using Asti Spumante, which is about $11 a bottle, I think. Email me if you want the recipe!

redmaryjanes said...

We drink Moscati. We love the sweet bubbly!

Joannah said...

You already know what I like! :-)

I think the first champagne I ever remember trying was Friexeneit, and I've always thought it is a good value.

I think we'll be sipping some champagne this weekend to celebrate Michael's homecoming.

Cheers to you both!

Don and Be said...

We have found a wine (not sparkling) which we first tasted in St A @ The Tasting Room - we have a bottle for you, but there's a condition attached - we have to meet-up to give it to you - shoot us some dates.
Don & Be