Sunday, March 16, 2008

Secret Buddy Swap - January 2006 DTC

Both my Secret Pal & Secret Buddy packages arrived and you just can't believe all the thoughtful gifts Alyzabeth received! These ladies carefully shop for items particular to my future daughter and lovingly pack everything so neat and pretty. I am so glad I joined. I missed out on several swaps early on in our adoption journey. If like me you've been "slow" to join in on something like this, let me say, DO IT. It warms the heart and makes your DREAM all the more real.

Thank you Secret Pal & Buddy! I can hardly wait to know who you guys are and THANK YOU properly. Pictured in this post are the gifts from my Secret Buddy. A second post highlights my Secret Pal gifts.

Check this out: A lady bug tea set, just perfect!! I cannot wait to play tea with Lizzy!

The ladybug book page holders will be very handy as we intend to read books every day with her.

The book is precious with flashing lights and a message about God's love. There is a "window" to place your baby's picture so I substituted with a message for Lizzy's photo some day soon! Perfect again!!

And the baby girl card was thoughtful! Love our generous secret buddies!